September 27, 2022

Kidsnteensworld. Slime itself has a shape like slime but is not sticky when touched or held. In addition to being shaped like slime, slime also has a variety of color variants ranging from yellow, red, glowing green to the color of a twinkling galaxy. Besides not being sticky, slime toys are also very easy to shape because of the very flexible nature of slime. This slime is one of the safe children’s toys because it is made of materials that do not harm the skin, so we don’t have to worry when playing this slime because it is very safe. Besides being able to play, there are also types of slime that can be eaten. This edible slime is made of different materials from the usual slime so it is harmless and won’t make you sick to your stomach when you eat the edible slime.

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Lately slime is so popular and sought after by many people. Then what is slime, and what is the use of slime itself? Slime is derived from English which when translated means slime. Eh, don’t be disgusted first, because slime is not a disgusting thing, it’s a fun game tool. Slime has a chewy texture, almost like jelly. However, slime is not to be eaten but to be shaped as desired. The slime game is very popular with children, usually they will play it with friends their age. This easy-to-form slime is so loved and often taken by children everywhere as a friend to fill spare time when bored. They will take the slime with them when they visit a friend’s house, travel, or even to school.

Slime itself has been around since the 1930s and is still growing, both in terms of shape and color. Every year there must be a new slime recipe that we can find and one of the places to find the latest slime recipe is at With the increasing popularity of slime, it’s not even just children who like to play slime. Teenagers also began to love this slime toy. The reason is because slime is indeed a toy that is currently booming and modern, so many people are increasingly curious to try playing it.

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Then for What Really Slime?

Most of those who make slime are just to play with. Moreover, many people like slime because they want to try to make it. Yup, slime can indeed be made at home. It’s not too difficult to make because there are many slime making tutorials on the internet. Indeed, for those who don’t want to be bothered, they can also buy slime which is sold at a fairly cheap price, less than ten thousand rupiah. However, many say it will be more fun when making your own slime because the fun of this game also lies in the process of making it. Especially for children, they will be enthusiastic when they are told they will make slime together.

Various Uses of Slime

There are various uses for this spongy object. Slime became known to people because of the various benefits that exist in these colorful objects:

  1. Stress reliever
    Not only children, teenagers and adults can play this slime as a stress reliever or a boredom repellent for something.
  2. Purifier
    Slime has a sticky texture that can attract dust and clean your belongings. Cleaning between the dusty prone keyboard keys can be done using slime. In addition, it can also be used to clean between fans, speaker holes, and others.
  3. For room decoration
    Slime that is shaped nicely can also be a room decoration. Try making slime with an attractive shape and color that matches the room it will occupy. Then you can give a place for slime made of transparent glass. Wow, your homemade slime will decorate the room. You can put it in the living room or in your room.

Uses of Slime for Kids
After discussing the use of slime for adults, there may be a question: what are the benefits of slime when played by children? Of course there are benefits when slime becomes a child’s playmate. Here are some of them:

  1. As a game
    As explained earlier that slime is a game tool. For children, it will certainly be fun when they get toys that can be shaped into various forms. The various colors of slime will also attract children’s interest to play with it. Slime with a chewy texture can be held and squeezed at will.
  2. Children will feel happier
    Basically, childhood is the time to play. The presence of slime as a relatively new game has certainly been awaited by children to be able to play it. When they finally get to play slime, they will be happy. By playing slime, it helps the body produce endorphins that make a person feel happier. If the child grows up cheerful and happy, it will be good for his growth and development.
  3. As a means of channeling children’s emotions
    Slime with a chewy texture and easy to turn into anything is a symbol of freedom. Playing slime will make him more confident to do his heart’s will, trying to mold slime into something he wants will give rise to hope. Slime helps children to recognize and channel their emotions in a positive way.
  4. Improve children’s concentration
    In addition to making the mood happier, it turns out that slime games can also increase children’s concentration and imagination power. Playing with slime will help children think about what shape is suitable for their slime.
  5. As a means of self-expression
    Through fun slime games, children will be able to express their feelings better when playing slime. There may be times when the child asks to play slime again at a later time because he likes this game.
  6. To relieve child boredom
    Not only adults can get bored, children can also feel bored. When playing slime which is a new thing for him, children will feel more enthusiastic about welcoming the game.
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Now you know that there are many uses for slime. Wow, can be one of the games that educate and hone skills, right?

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